By the Grace of Sri Ramakrishna, ‘Devbhumi Trust’ from its very humble beginning has taken upon humanitarian activities (Jivaseva) as a part of worship to the Lord but the place where it stands (even though God has given its natural beauty in abundance), furthermore the local inhabitants mostly are leading the lives on hand to mouth. They all deserve any sort of help and attention for their livelihood. They have their broken houses, torn clothes – for them it is impossible to procure even the medicine.

Till today, we are trying to keep a smile on their faces. We want your generous support so that you to become a part of this great ‘Yajna’. You may help us with the following projects that we have undertaken so far for the people of this area, like;

  • Scholarships for meritorious and poor students
  • School uniforms, books and stationeries for poor students
  • Medical help for poor and needy persons
  • Financial help to poor’s to rebuilt / repair their houses
  • In organizing seminars and classes for their school and moral upliftment
  • Community feasts
  • A permanent fund for the maintenance of Tapovan

You can help us in any of these projects or you may donate any specific amount as a Permanent Fund in the name of your near and dear ones. Your generous contribution will be appreciated and acknowledged by us. You may send your contributions directly in the name of “Dev Bhumi Trust” and for further enquiry and satisfaction, you may stay at Tapovan. Dev Bhumi Trust is a Registered Trust vide Reg. No. 81/DT 23.12.2003 and dotation to Dev Bhumi Trust an exempt from Income Tax U/S 80G vide certificate No FS CIT/Shimla/ Tech-11/31/2007-08. The blessing, help and support we get from your contribution to this cause will help many needy people to live happily to bless you.

You are invited to come here and spend a few days with us to get a glimpse of TAPOVAN.
Come, be a part of this Divine play. This is the call of Sadhupul.